Network & Server Maintenance

Frequent professional preventative maintenance of your business network and servers is vital to keeping your network functioning properly. With the vast importance of technology in the business world, you can't afford to have servers down or network errors. At Eclipse IT Solutions, we’ll provide expert preventative maintenance to prevent these issues, and to maximise efficiency, speed, and connectivity. Your business IT infrastructure is safe in our hands.

The safety and security of your network is important to us. We'll frequently do routine maintenance on your network, assessing security levels and minimising risks. We can monitor your server performance remotely, and perform fixes and other updates to boost network speed. A lagging, slow network is poor for business productivity. Our regular preventative maintenance of your network and servers will help make the most of your valuable time.


We perform regular and frequent server backups, securing your server from loss and failure. A server backup is an important part of top quality IT maintenance. In the event of a disaster such as hardware failure, property damage, theft, or loss, Eclipse IT can restore your data quickly, helping your business get back on its feet.
Network performance is very important for nearly all businesses, as the majority of what we do is online. We’ll keep your network running smoothly, checking frequently for bugs, monitoring speed and performance, and providing fast, effective solutions as needed.
All the data within networks can eventually start to ‘clog’ up the system. At Eclipse IT, we know your business needs lines of communication open and flowing. We can perform professional system cleanups, to bring system performance back up to optimum functioning.
Eclipse IT offers network audits to assess your existing IT infrastructure. We will identify strengths and weaknesses of the system, and analyse problems and areas of vulnerability. We then determine solutions to increase, improve, and bolster your current system to maximise efficiency.

Need Network/Server support?

We can help with network & server maintenance.