Network Configuration & Support

At Eclipse IT, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best network support in Nowra. In addition to our network preventative maintenance, performed both remotely and onsite, we configure networks and provide support for any network issues which may arise.

It’s very important to set up and configure a network properly and professionally. A correct initial configuration can help you avoid further problems down the line. For your business, we’ll develop an IT infrastructure that will function smoothly, helping pave the way for productivity, success and future expansion.

If you have a large business operating at multiple locations, our network configuration can centralise your system, allowing you to access the network from any location in the world.


Eclipse IT will develop and install a professional, top quality IT infrastructure for your business, promoting connectivity, efficiency, and excellent functioning. We can configure networks large or small, addressing the needs of all types of businesses and industries.
If your network is sluggish or malfunctioning, our experts will troubleshoot your problems. We can fix many issues remotely, ensuring you experience minimum downtime. We are reliable and fast, and will work to address network errors with haste.
We closely monitor your network’s performance so that we can provide support for any issues you may experience. We identify and analyse problems before they grow larger, and work to enhance your network to boost speed and function.

Need Network Configuration support?

We can setup, configure and maintain your networks.