Hardware Sales & Support

In addition to our network and server support, we offer complete hardware support and sales. In order to build a successful IT infrastructure, high quality hardware is important to create a strong base. At Eclipse IT, we can recommend the right hardware for your business and systems, and offer sales as well. You can feel secure buying hardware from your reliable local Nowra IT experts.

Your hardware may occasionally experience problems or need a tune-up. At Eclipse IT, we offer support for this hardware, and can maintain and service your hardware to keep it functioning at its best. We're happy to help troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively, getting you back to business.


Offering the finest hardware available, we’ll work closely with you to recommend the right equipment for your business and systems. We offer competitive pricing and expert advice to help you find exactly what you need.
Malfunctioning hardware is no walk in the park. At Eclipse IT, we'll jump in and work hard to solve your problems. Our years of IT experience have equipped us with the knowledge to troubleshoot issues when they arise, and to do so rapidly.
We will set up and configure all new hardware to function properly within your business IT infrastructure. We’ll configure this hardware to work with your network and make sure it’s enhanced to work smoothly.

Need IT hardware support?

We can help you choose the right system.