Backup & Disaster Recovery

At Eclipse IT Solutions, we know that a disaster can be terrible for your business. In this unpredictable world, theft, fire, or even Mother Nature can strike. More commonly, failures of server hardware or other issues can end in complete technological system failures. These possibilities can be a worry, but with Eclipse IT, we’ve got you covered.

As part our of server and network maintenance, we perform routine checkups regularly, keeping all your data securely maintained. In the unlikely event of an IT disaster, the existence of backups allows us to restore your data, and help your business return to normal fairly quickly.

As experts in our field, we also are well-equipped to handle disaster recovery and our routine checkups always have this in mind. We utilise the best systems to support data recovery and have top quality recovery strategies in place.


Regular backups are necessary to protect your business from potential data loss disasters. Our remote support allows us to constantly monitor your networks and perform these routine checkups. We work with a focus on security and recovery and our checkups are always comprehensive.
When disaster strikes, we’re there for you. Eclipse IT has disaster recovery strategies in place to help retrieve your lost data as effectively as possible. Our network support and maintenance includes regular backup checkups as part of data loss prevention.
Our routine checkups of your business data ensure that a secure copy of your data is held outside of your network. In the event of a major system malfunction and loss of data, this can be restored using the protected copy.
All of your business backups are completely secure. We recognise the importance of data security and ensure all backups are encrypted and equipped with safety features to keep your data protected.

Need backup or disaster recovery?

We can help with all urgent and non-urgent backups and disaster recovery requirements.