Ransomware Survival

Ransomware Survival

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Ransomware: the facts, figures and features.


A growing amount of small to medium-sized businesses are falling victim to ransomware, malicious software that holds your computer and its data to ransom. However, not all SMBs are aware of the risks and implications for their business

Ransomware attacks can have a significant negative impact on small and medium-sized businesses, since they are not always able to cope with the ransom or the costs resolving the damage after the breach.

  • According to global research, 80% of SMBs do not use data protection.
  • Only half of SMBs use email protection, while Ransomware is mostly spread via email.
  • Employees within SMBs are almost 4 times more likely to click on malicious links within an email


In today’s business environment, time is money. Research among 300 respondents within businesses of all sizes has shown that the downtime during and after an attack can be more damaging than the actual attack itself.

  • 72 hours is the average number of hours the victim has to pay the ransom.
  • 75% of infected businesses cannot access their data for at least two days following a ransomware attack.
  • 32% of infected businesses lost access to their data for five days or more.


Don’t give ransomware a chance Prevention is the best protection!! By backing up regularly, educating your users, and using multi-level protection you can protect your business against ransomware. Not all antivirus solutions are able to scan files to a level that can actually prevent a ransomware attack. Make sure your antivirus software is able to scan .zip files, metadata, content and behaviour.

Protect your business in 5 simple steps:

  1. Backup files to an external drive
  2. Educate employees on what to watch for
  3. Implement policies to manage ransomware
  4. Update all software to the latest versions
  5. Use multi-level AV protection


If you would like to take steps to protect your business from being a victim of a ransomware attack give us a call on 1300 121 343 or drop into the office at 34 Berry Street, Nowra.

We would love to help your business stay protected.



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