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Eclipse IT Solutions specialises in high quality Business IT Support.

Eclipse IT Solutions is the leading provider of network and IT support in Nowra and the surrounding areas, specialising in high quality support for businesses. With the rapidly growing importance of technology within the business environment, IT support is vital to help keep your company functioning at a top level. Eclipse IT offers support of the highest standard, providing professional services to maintain and enhance network and server performance, identify and fix problem issues, and prevent IT disasters before they occur.

When you’re looking to improve business productivity, Eclipse IT Solutions can assist with increasing the effectiveness of your current IT infrastructure, helping your business operate at a maximum level. For Nowra IT support, Eclipse IT has proven its reputation for reliable and efficient service. Knowing how necessary technology is to your success, we resolve your IT issues quickly and accurately, so business can continue as usual.

Network & Server Maintenance

We set up business networks large or small, and maintain servers to keep your network running smoothly. We monitor network and server performance to maximise efficiency and prevent problems.

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Network Configuration & Support

To keep your business connected, we provide network configuration to create your IT infrastructure. Setting up your server and connecting hardware across the vast network, we help your business function as a unit.

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Remote Support

Due to the nature of this technology, our professionals can provide support remotely for your servers and networks. Offering you convenient service, we can better work towards finding optimum solutions.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Technology failures can wreak havoc for a business. We help you prevent IT disasters from happening, and assist with swift and effective recovery when problems do arise.

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We perform virtualisation of networks, servers, and storage, allowing these things to function more effectively on a larger scale.

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Hardware Sales & Support

We can help you find the ideal hardware to meet your unique business needs, and provide ongoing support to keep this hardware maintained and functioning at peak.

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We can help with all your business requirements.